Saturday, February 20, 2010

Nigel Olsson - Move the Universe

Released in 2001, Nigel recorded this CD with the help of some of his friends. Released only in Japan. Here is the download link:  :


  1. anyone know if had70 2 has been taken down? It's only been back up a couple of weeks & it's gone already??

  2. yes...sad...again it's taken down after so much new updates & work put in, sharing of the old westcoast sound...sigh...

  3. I can't believe that it is gone again myself. There have been so many great websites with out-of-print albums and CDs that have been removed suddenly, sites like "My Jazz World", YouTube "FilmSound0001 Channel", "Alex Music Blog", etc. What is happening all of a sudden? A lot of work was put into these sites and this music is not available anywhere else.

  4. are better now, had70 and twinspark, create a forum to post these albuns...

    blogger sux

  5. Hello,
    and thank you for your efforts in sharing this beautiful music!

    I've been looking for David Foster's vocal version of the Winter Games song, also called "Can't you feel it?" that was recorded for the 1988 Calgary Opympic games. Can't find it anywhere. There must be a DJ cop of the single somewhere. Do you who did the vocals on this song?

    Much appreciated,

  6. Thanx for this one, davidfosterfan!

    I miss the "Late for the Sky" blog, too. It would be nice to know where had70 and twinspark are operating right now... They really did a great job and I'm so thankful for all the great music you guys introduce us to!

    Have a nice day, everybody!

  7. David thank you so much for posting this album!!1
    Im the one from Brasil who asked you to share this.

    Once again,thank you!!!!

  8. Look, our friend starting over!

    Have nice day!

  9. Back in wordpress too:

  10. Hi David,great Blog!!!
    add it to my blog .. many ask .. westcoast aor believes is an appropriate person!

    ..people wanted-->

    Orsa Lia-ORSA LIA 1979
    James Walsh Gypsy Band 1978
    Fonda Feingold
    Ray Gooliak-Home Away From Hom 1979
    Voudouris & Kahne-Street Player 1976
    RICK MATHEWS-California Cologne 1981
    Loyal Garner - Islamd Feelings 1982
    Mackey Feary-Touch Sensitive 1984
    Mackey Feary-Burning Bridges 1996
    Brett Raymond-Primarily For Grown-Ups 1994
    Sharon O'Neill-This Heart, This Song 1979
    Jon Stevens-Jezebel 1980
    Michael James Murphy-Never Let Me Go 1981
    Malani Bilyeu-Islands 1983
    Lesrie Pearl-Words & Music 1982
    KELLY WILLARD -Blame it on the One I love! 1978
    Evie Sands Women in Prison 1999
    Denny Correll - Living Water 1983
    Bob Bennett-Songs from Bright Avenu
    david baroni Carry the Torch
    Glen Campbell-No More Night 1985
    Henry Kapono- Stand In The Light 1981
    Richard Kerr-Welcome To The Club 1978
    Billy Chinnock - Alive at the Loft - 1976
    Billy Chinnock - Badlands - 1978
    Billy Chinnock - Dime Store Heroes - 1980
    Billy Chinnock - Rock & Roll Cowboys - 1985
    Billy Chinnock - Out on the Borderline - 1992
    Billy Chinnock - Livin in the Promised Land - 2003


  11. Hey it looks like your predesesor has shut down,! Do you know what happened? I still have files I downloaded but I never checked back to get the password from the site until it was too late!

  12. What's happened where have all you gone? come back come back - we want more, PLEASE.

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