Saturday, January 9, 2010

Robert Lamm - Life Is Good In My Neighborhood

Released in 1993, only in Japan and produced by Phil Ramone, Chicago member Robert Lamm released this solo CD featuring songs written with Randy Goodrum (Tabla & In This Country) and David Foster/Tom Keane (When Will The World Be Like Lovers). This is one fantastic CD!
Here is the download link:

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  1. Many thanks for your great site, and all your hard work throughout the year!

    Happy New Year!

  2. Thanks very much, great share! :)

  3. Thank you , thank you, thank you! Have been looking for his solo material for some time. Thank you!

  4. another fantastic share added to my cd collection. What is it that the 2nd song reminds me of with the opening guitar? I think it may be van stephenson suspicious heart (86) and the opening song on that titled "We're doing alright", Same guitar sound at least!, if not the same chords. My fav moment is the Foster song though definately. It's a great song. At first i though his delivery was very monotone and mm, bland, but now within weeks i love this version and I agree the cd is excellent. 2nd place goes to "In This country" for my tastes and then the song "Aint No Ordinary Thing" very much reminds me of say Michael Ruff Meets the 90's Lou Pardini. Very nice. Nice disc too. i got the 95 usa release still sealed for 12 dollars on ebay (reminiscent of getting bill meyers for 10 euro months back) but i must say the disc is like an 80's disc. Few albums in 95 had such nice old school thick discs. A treasure. Thank you again for sharing the gift of great music with me. It is much appreciated