Saturday, January 9, 2010

Lodgic - Nomadic Sands

The album was produced by David Paich, Tom Knox and Steve Porcaro, never before released on CD. Recorded in 1985. Musicians:Mike Sherwood: Vocals, KeyboardsWilliam Sherwood: Vocals, BassGuy Allison Steiner: Keyboards, VocalsJimmy Haun: Guitars, VocalsGary Starnes: Drums Additional Musicians: Lenny Castro: Percussion. Special thanks to Philippe POUDENSAN for helping me with this one. Here is the download link:

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  1. It seems the legendary had70 blog is gone.
    It was two days ago that I noticed a blog I had made (but never really told anybody about, and also with only about 40% of the albums having actual download links) had been removed. I went to mention it on had70, but then whilst writing I realized I was late for work. Coming home last night I went to had70 and arrived at that dreaded "blog is gone" page.

    I guess it would appear a google executioner is doing the rounds.
    My google email account that was associated with my blog was also closed down.

    Had70 was without doubt the true encyclopedia of westcoast/aor.
    I discovered it about two years ago when the only things i had downloaded were about 6 great albums via torrents.

    To find blogspots was amazing. Through had70 I immediatelly had the digital versions of about 20 albums i had on lp aswell as being able to explore so much more.
    It gave me priceless direction in my collecting of physical cds.
    Simply put, I could find the things that i knew i really needed to put on my to buy list while relegate those countless cds I had heard of and surely would have bought some of to my displeasure if not having had such a great resource.
    Really a priceless sense of direction and total joy.

    I have always felt (since about a year into AOR collecting in ther early 2000's) that music speeeds up evolution and that above all is the height of the gift people give when they share music.

    Thank you Had70 for the original best AOR blog in history and and for this gift. Thank you to all the family who shared so very much.
    I hope all the family can possibly find a new and safe home on the web.

    Davidfosterfan, your blog, though small has been especially beneficial to me, introducing me to a lot of cds and vinyls i now have in my collection and love. It is a fantastic blog.
    I just want to say that in case yours is also removed.

    Now where do had70 zombies regroup?
    Dave 2

  2. well said Dave, - I can't believe that the Late for the Sky blog is gone, - it was easily the best resource for westcoast/aor on the web. The only other blog I know of that even covers westcoast is this one, so I would repeat what dave said & thank you before your own blog is removed too

  3. Hello, it is had70.
    Regrettably my BLOG has been deleted.
    Since it was sudden too much, I am puzzled.
    Now, I consider the measure with twinspark which is a cooperator.
    I think that I will be allowed for here to report as soon as details are decided.

  4. Hi! I hope that you will be back soon somewhere and your resources and other user's contribution will not be lost. All the best

  5. Here comes the legend, HAD70.
    As somebody once said,
    It's better to burn out than it is to rust...

  6. I hope you and twinspark are back soon, had70. If and when you are I have many albums and links to westcoast/aor albums that I can contribute.

    I can't believe they deleted the blog, especially when you consider the rubbish that they allow to stay up, - all the best

  7. Unfortunate that the blog was deleted ... Surely it was the best blog of web!

    One suggestion... Here we are safe:

    It seems that this forum is closed. It has few users.

    Twinspark is user this forum.

  8. Hi, it's HAD70

    New site
    "Late For The Sky 2"

    Although introduced previously ...

  9. it's a shame this has not been released on cd. I read an interview with one of the band members from early 2000's and he answered that "there would need to be much more interest". I don't agree. This album surely could've had a japanese cd release no problem. I'm not anyone would make much money but in fairness, far more obscure albums of westcoast and AOR got re-issued (ones that would not have sold as well). It features toto members to start with. Anyway, hopefully in the future. It's a great album. Nice rip too. Sounds good. It was actually made on cd by vegas cds/rocklahoma (ebay seller who runs retrospect records) some time ago and sold via ebay. Presumably a vinyl conversion onto cdr (like many of their releases...) This seller sells loads of ULTRA rare euro aor on cdr aswell as albums like maxus and jay gruska and countless others on cdr. He does not say they are cdr so often you see his auctions with very high bids. It's a bit sad for me. If he put them with cheap buy it nows, I'd say "ok, you are helping people with out of print stuff" but as it is (although i have been tempted) i would never buy a thing from him again, nor his aforementioned label either. Anyway, thanks again for the rip and post to all involved. I much enjoy it and will be picking up a good lp copy for my vinyl collection

  10. thanks for the kind words avicenne by the way, and great to see the late for the sky 2